From Barfüsserpatz to Messeplatz, from Petersplatz to Münsterplatz: At seven locations in the city you can experience breathtaking rides, traditional booths and nostalgic attractions.


Try the "Super 80s fair in Messehalle 3", which began in the 1980s and is very popular again today. Classic attractions from those days combine with new ones in an exciting mix.


The Messeplatz is one of the best places to enjoy all the fun of the fair, with row upon row of food stalls, top attractions and classic fairground games and rides.


At the oldest fair site in Kleinbasel, it's the traditional values that count, and the rides, games and food stalls are all side by side here.

Petersplatz & Hääfelimäärt

At the Petersplatz, young and old can dream, nibble and browse beneath the autumn trees. The Hääfelimäärt on the Petersplatz is the place to buy crockery of all kinds – just as it was 100 years ago.


Loads of variety, with new features, hair-raising rides and an appealing choice of attractions for younger visitors.


On this centrally located square, visitors old and young will find a varied range of fairground rides and games and lots of culinary treats.


Old and young will find everything their stomachs and hearts desire here, as well as traditional rides that our grandparents used to love.